Environmental Stewardship at Carmichael Engineering Ltd.

The vibrant green in the Carmichael logo symbolizes our deep commitment to environmental responsibility. At Carmichael, sustainability isn't just a goal; it's our way of doing business.

From the very beginning, we've championed the minimization of waste and embraced a resolute dedication to protecting the environment, driven by a foundation of common sense.

Preserving resources lies at the core of our values, deeply ingrained in our company culture. Across the nation, our dedicated technicians work tirelessly, day in and day out, to extend equipment lifespan, curtail energy consumption, diminish emissions of combustion gases, and responsibly recover ozone-depleting refrigerants, ensuring their safe disposal.

One of the most effective strategies at your disposal as a facility manager for energy and environmental preservation is preventive maintenance. It's straightforward and, when done right, highly effective.

Our Mission:

  • Prolong equipment lifespan
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Safely recover ozone-depleting refrigerants
  • Ensure sustainable returns on your investment

Being an environmentally responsible company goes hand in hand with our commitment to maintaining robust relationships with our clients, employees, and partners. This commitment is mirrored in our environmental practices.

Our Environmental Initiatives Include:

  • Advocating for the use of eco-friendly products
  • Recycling hazardous materials
  • Recycling materials and equipment
  • Designing and implementing energy-efficient thermal systems

At Carmichael Engineering Ltd., we strive not just to meet environmental standards but to surpass them. Join us in our pursuit of a greener, more sustainable future.