Data Centers

As the global demand for data exchange rises, IT operations are becoming an increasingly crucial aspect for organizations around the world.

Data Center Cooling Maintenance and Service

Today’s organizations rely heavily on their information technology infrastructures to conduct business operations. The performance of today’s IT systems depend largely on the precision cooling systems that are responsible for managing server room heat loads. The failure of a critical data center cooling system can lead to significant network outages and downtime, therefore regular preventative maintenance is vital.

Precision cooling equipment inherently has different service and maintenance requirements than standard building air conditioning designed for occupant comfort. Optimizing the performance and efficiency of a precision cooling system requires it to be properly installed and maintained by qualified technicians who have extensive knowledge of these systems particular systems.  

Carmichael is one of Canada’s leading cooling solutions providers operating in some of the most demanding and competitive sectors including mission critical IT environments. With a national network of highly trained and factory certified technicians, Carmichael is able to provide a local response to fulfill all of your organization’s data center cooling system needs. With over 40 years in data center cooling maintenance and service, Carmichael has both the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your precision cooling systems are operating at optimal performance and reliability.

Industries and Environments
  • Financial Institutions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Web Hosting Entreprises
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Data centres
  • Server farms
Systems Covered
  • Precision cooling systems (Liebert, APC, Data Aire, STOLZ)
  • Direct expansion and chilled water cooled units
  • Chiller packages
  • Cooling towers
  • Humidifiers
  • DDC Controls