National Chains

National retail outlets - Banks

Large-scale, multinational, big-box model retail chains have benefited from unprecedented growth within the Canadian marketplace.

As the store sizes have increased, so have the number of outlets, the addition of food products, concern for energy consumption and finally the nature and complexity of their mechanical systems which are relied upon to keep these super stores operating smoothly.

The central management of such properties places special demands on those assigned to the task.  Maintaining year round comfort for the occupants, preventing refrigerated product losses, upgrading older systems, dealing with local air-quality legislation, refrigerant management, the need for cost management, prioritized service response, the integration of energy management systems, the list goes on.

Many such large-scale organizations have relied upon Carmichael as a trusted source for all their systems needs for decades. 

We cover all of the mechanical systems, from central energy management systems, chillers, refrigeration packages, air-conditioning, heating, and offering maintenance, 24 hour service, installation services and special diagnostic services across all branches.

Carmichael is a nationwide service provider; offering locally administered and centrally managed physical branches with repair shops, technical mentors, material coordinators at each location. We offer amongst the best supported team of technicians in the industry, across the country.

If you need a higher level of technical expertise and reliability, give us a call.

Systems Covered:
  • Roof-top air conditioners
  • Central and unitary refrigeration packages
  • Chillers
  • Boilers
  • Central energy management systems
  • Equipment specific control systems
  • Heating systems