air conditioning

In an increasingly competitive business environment, the capacity to control air quality in the workplace becomes more than a matter of comfort, it can also affect productivity.

The higher your salary expense, the higher the down-time costs related to air quality anomalies brought about by deficient air conditioning systems. The selection of suitable commercial air conditioning equipment can present challenges given the investment required to obtain and maintain them. The capital cost of air-conditioning equipment in a given commercial property can easily reach and surpass into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. When properly designed and maintained, these systems can meet and surpass their useful life expectancy, which can range from 15 to 20 years.

By combining industry leading installation, service, and maintenance, Carmichael offers reliable services and expertise to properly support our clients throughout the entire acquisition process.

Here are some of the features and benefits related to our service offering :

  • Designated HVAC designers to review and upgrade system existing systems
  • Support in selecting the suitable equipment manufacturers
  • Local technical purchases
  • Designated project management and installation teams
  • Local project managers
  • Optimized occupant comfort
  • Reduced energy waste
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Minimized losses of productivity
  • Greater indoor air quality
Rooftop Air Conditioning Maintenance and Service 

Roof top air conditioning units represent the most commonly utilized types of air conditioning units to cool and heat office spaces. Out of sight roof top air conditioning units can fall into disrepair within a short time frame, resulting in compromised comfort for a building’s occupants, production downtime, or costly repairs.

Performing scheduled and effective preventative maintenance is the best way to keep rooftop air conditioning systems in the best possible operational condition. By identifying minor malfunctions before they can further hinder the performance of your equipment, or lead to more extensive repairs.

At Carmichael, preventative maintenance is our core business. We have developed our rooftop air conditioning maintenance programs to prolong the life of your equipment, optimize occupant comfort, minimize losses of productivity, and reduce total cost of operation while delivering exceptional indoor air quality. Carmichael’s roof top air conditioning maintenance programs offer the best protection for your equipment and will help to ensure that your systems are running optimally all year-round.

Are you concerned over air quality and operational costs? Do you want to learn more about our commercial air conditioning services? Contact one of our 21 branches located across Canada.