Modular chillers

Chillers are classified by compressor type: be it reciprocating, screw, centrifugal or magnetic bearing (oil-free).

Regardless of the type, chillers are an essential requirement for countless industrial processes and are largely relied upon for maintaining comfortable and productive environments in large commercial establishments.

Examples are: 

  • Plastics industry (injection and blow moulding)
  • Food processing and baking facilities  
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical and composite manufacturing
  • Brewing, and beverage production
  • Large institutional facilities
  • Commercial properties
  • Server rooms and data center cooling

Carmichael brings years of experience to installing and maintaining chiller systems for vital business operations. We provide the resources and expertise needed to ensure that your chiller related cooling needs are met for all your crucial equipment. Carmichael is capable of handling all of your chiller system maintenance, repair, retrofit, and installation needs across Canada.

Below are some of the features of our services:

  • Teams of technicians specialised in chillers (screw, centrifugal, piston or magnetic)
  • Manufacturer trained technicians for all leading brands of chillers
  • Turnkey preventative maintenance programs (including documentation, list of maintenance tasks and traceability, etc.) comprising all HVAC and cooling systems
  • Predictive analysis (eddy current, oil test, power quality analysis, etc.)
  • Retrofitting systems (purge, refrigerant conversions, controls, etc.)

Our specialized teams have acquired over 40 years worth of expertise in various chiller technologies and can ensure that your organization receives reliable and beneficial services. Here are some of the current brands with which our technicians and system designers work regularly:

Chiller Maintenance and Service

Chillers represent a significant capital investment and are a major contributor to operating costs in industrial and commercial establishments. For many organizations, chillers are among the biggest consumers of energy in their facilities. A comprehensive chiller maintenance program is critical to ensure the reliability and efficient operation of today’s complex systems. Maintaining them well and operating them properly can yield substantial energy savings and is the best protection for these valuable assets.

A chiller’s performance can degrade or deteriorate over time causing system downtime and costly production disruptions.  Don’t wait until your commercial or industrial chiller is experiencing difficulties. Carmichael offers a range of chiller maintenance services that can be customized to fit the needs of your facility and allotted budget.

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