Multi-Sector Expertise

Carmichael specialists serve a wide variety of market sectors in Canada, from manufacturing to biopharmaceuticals, multi-nationals, nationwide retail chains, factories, and institutional facilities.

Whether it's for building comfort or various production environment applications, we are committed to providing an optimal level of support across the entire spectrum of thermal systems within your facility.

Tailored Solutions

Carmichael objectively designs and adapts its solutions to your specific needs. We offer fully customized services from a thoroughly experienced and well-trained team of thermal system experts.


Our in-house designers, who work exclusively on design mandates, will fully analyze your needs to propose various solutions and budget prices, convening the optimal solution for your project application. With their years of experience, a passion for innovation, as well as the depth of knowledge that comes from being part of an accomplished national team, they can successfully tackle and deliver any project with consistent success.


Carmichael's multi-technical team approach means that we possess the resources to effectively carry out our mandates and respect your constraints with ease and efficiency. Our experienced team of technicians and experts work diligently to ensure that your project is completed on time, on budget, and within spec.

Servicing and Maintenance

Through proven measures and a proper investment in a well designed maintenance program, Carmichael technicians can ensure that your equipment is maintained in proper operating condition at all times. Minimizing repair costs, prolonging equipment life and effectively reducing your net cost of ownership. This is our commitment to each and every one of our clients.

One sole provider for all of your thermal system needs.
At Carmichael, peace of mind is guaranteed!