Workplace safety

At Carmichael, we firmly believe that a service team that is well supported will be able to perform their work in the most diligent manner possible. This vision is all encompassing at Carmichael.

As such, health and safety in the workplace is at the forefront of our daily operations, and is an integral part of an overall vision and commitment towards our employees, clients, and the public.

Workplace safety at Carmichael is a priority that is well supported with a formal organizational structure, involving each of our branches and workers, touching on issues such as:

  • Working in confined spaces
  • Electrical panel lock-out procedure
  • Fall arrest
  • Transportation of dangerous goods

As an employer, Carmichael plays an active role in preventing workplace accidents and promoting safe and healthy workplaces. We have designated supervisors at every branch who are responsible for the proper applications of our safety procedures, and to ensure full compliance with local safety standards. Our supervisors also ensure that we adhere to client specific requirements. 

When you choose Carmichael as your service provider, you can do so with the certainty and peace of mind that our team has received the necessary training and proper support to perform their work safely in respect of all those involved.