Regardless of the type of facility that you may be responsible for, be it for occupant comfort or industrial process applications, Carmichael offers the most comprehensive range of services for every conceivable type of building and thermal system.

Exceeding your expectations

Our depth of knowledge coupled with ongoing internal, and factory training. These are the two main reasons why our team can deliver on our promises and exceed your expectations with consistent and reliable services.

Seeing your thermal systems as a whole

Because each branch location has many different specialists from many different disciplines, comprising both designers and technicians, we do effectively see your mechanical and thermal systems as a whole.

Establishing a long-term relationship

At Carmichael, we are inspired with a long-term vision in all matters and decisions. Be it in relation to training opportunities, developing employees to a higher level, or selecting quality materials on a project or maintenance programs, we don’t take short-cuts. Our decisions are driven by quality, results and value, not the lowest cost. This is what works for our clients and for us.