Your evolving facility needs

As your business evolves, so do your operational needs. Production lines are added, cooling loads increased, plant indoor air quality requirements change, the list goes on. The needs of your occupants and production facilities must be met, cost effectively and reliably.

The success of your upgrades and expansions will be dependent upon several factors.

The design process

Thermal system designs are not pre-engineered, waiting in manufacturers' product catalogues, ready to be quoted by an estimator. They must be assessed, case by case, compiling an assembly of equipment, controls, piping, ducting, as the case may be, by an experienced and skilled thermal system designer who understands your needs and can review the optimal design/price options. 

Otherwise stated, your first and foremost need is to determine the suitable system design that will produce the desired benefits for your operation.

Assessing a Design-Build Contractor’s Qualifications

The system must ultimately satisfy your needs and be supported by a reputable contracting organization who will deliver on its promises.

  • What is the contractor's experience in the given application?
  • What is their size, number of employees, number of years in business?
  • Who will design the system? Does the organization employ full-time designers, project managers?
  • What about after-sales service? What happens in the event of a failure? What are their service resources? How many technicians do they employ? Is 24/7 service available?
  • What about insurance coverage, licensing of the installers, safe working practices, environmental considerations?

How can we help?

Carmichael has within its ranks, full-time system designers, project managers and estimators, located across the country, who work exclusively on design and installation mandates for our clients, offering time-tested, cost-effective system solutions that work. And we do so consistently.

In keeping with our long-term vision, Carmichael always stands behind its projects from start to finish. Because, this is the way we've always done business since 1922.

Our capabilities

  • Specializing in custom-built industrial, commercial, and institutional thermal systems
  • Employing over 25 knowledgeable, experienced and qualified designers sharing knowledge and experience
  • Top-notch installation and after-sales service provided by a nationwide team of over 300 licensed journeymen technicians
  • Complete thermal system coverage offering single-source solutions
  • In-house fabrication shops
  • Full compliance with workplace safety, licensing, insurance and environmental requirements

Examples of projects:

  • Air conditioning systems for industrial and commercial buildings
  • Humidity control for production environments
  • Ammonia refrigeration for food processing industries
  • Liquid chillers for plastic and chemical industries
  • Air-borne contaminant exhaust systems
  • Upgrading of chilled water systems
  • Building automation systems

Demanding challenges bring out the best in our design specialists. With their collective experience, dedication and knowledge, sharing field experience with our service technicians, they can help you determine the most cost-effective solution to meet your stated objective. You can count on it.