Boilers and combustion

In order to optimise their heating efficiency, most large commercial buildings work with central boilers.

Others turn to localised heating systems (make-up air units, suspended unit heaters and infrared radiant heaters). In many industrial production environments, hot water and vapor are also used in large quantities in various procedures.

There are also other combustion applications that are prevalent in drying and melting operations. These boilers are the largest and their emission levels require constant adjustments in order to maintain the expected combustion outputs and volumes of emissions. They require periodic maintenance checks to guarantee the efficiency of the safety devices and control systems.

At Carmichael, we have fine-tuned a range of services that allow you access to a turnkey approach offered by the best resources in the industry for these systems.

Here are some of the current brands that our technicians and designers work with regularly:

Our clients benefit from a variety of advantages by using our services. Here are some of them:

  • Installation of a high-energy output boiler and combustion system insured by experts
  • Planned servicing that guarantees a superior level of security
  • Optimised heating efficiency in the entire building
  • Improved combustion, fusion and industrial drying processes

At Carmichael, our teams have developed diverse experience, notably in industrial production environments. Our technicians (all with the necessary competency cards) and designers are at your disposal to ensure the continued maintenance and improvement of your systems.

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